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SmartChoice Energy Super Energy-Saving LED Lightbulbs

Save up to 85% on your monthly lighting bill!


  • Last 15x longer and uses 85% less electricity than standard bulbs
  • Reduce your personal carbon footprint by 6 tons per year
  • Cost as little as $1 per year to power 

“When you take out incandescent light bulbs and replace them with LEDs, the amount of electricity you consume goes down more than 80 percent. There’s nothing else like that.”
-Dr. Lucas Davis,
Energy Economist at UC Berkeley

Join the Lightbulb Revolution

The cost of household lighting is rising steadily. By 2025, lighting will account for 45% of a homeowner’s electricity bill! The fastest and easiest way to cut costs is by making the switch to LED lightbulbs.

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, SmartChoice Energy LED lightbulbs last longer, light brighter, and use less electricity, saving you money every step of the way! 

LED lighting has advanced a lot over time and yet there are
still plenty of misconceptions about this technology. 


  • LED lightbulbs emit harsh blue light 
  • Our LED color temperature is “warm white”
  • LED lightbulbs aren’t as bright
  • They use less power, but emit just as much light
  • LED lightbulbs are more complicated
  • They look identical and use the same sockets
  • LED lightbulbs take longer to “warm up”
  • They reach full brightness in less than a second

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Why Do You Need
SmartChoice Energy?

Save Money and Electricity!
With their energy efficiency, you can expect to save over $130 throughout the life of each bulb!

Eco-friendly design!
Every bulb is constructed with 95% recyclable materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Extra-long lasting!
LED bulbs are much stronger than standard lightbulbs and can last up
to 17 years!

What Makes SmartChoice
Energy LED Lightbulbs Better?

  • Incandescent lightbulbs are extremely inefficient, they lose 90% of their energy to heat. It’s like lighting your house with a small heater! 
  • Other “green” options like halogen bulbs are only 30% efficient, while compact fluorescent bulbs are 75% efficient.
  • SmartChoice Energy LED bulbs are 90% efficient. A 9W LED bulb puts out as much light as 60W incandescent bulb and only uses a small fraction of the power!

Save Your Money and The
Planet at the Same Time!

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Switch to SmartChoice Energy LED Lightbulbs Today!